Come to the Table


Every year the City Council refines and establishes new Goals and Priorities which then inform the City's budget. The Goals and Priorities are a road map for the City Manager and City staff.

We are excited to hear your thoughts on the City's next year's goals and priorities. To capture your thoughts we have picked these six topics to focus on which the City has involvement in: transportation, housing, health, economic development, human services and safety.

How to provide us with your input:
1. Pick the topics you care about below. 
2. Read the infographic for chosen topics. The infographic provides you with an overview of the City's direction around that particular topic.
3. Once you've read the infographic, click on the link below the image to answer a set of questions regarding the direction we are taking around this topic. The survey is anonymous and is rather quick!
4. Once done with the survey, take a look at the table towards the end of this page to download any of the Possible Project Briefs you have an interest in. The Possible Project Briefs give you an overview of potential projects staff will be working on during the July 1st, 2017 to June 30th 2018 time-frame. 

If you'd rather provide input in-person, please see the dates, times, and locations at the bottom of this page.
Note: As you provide us with your thoughts, please keep in mind that we are working on Goals and Priroties for the months of July 1st, 2017 to June 30th, 2018. Take this time-frame into account when you share what you'd like the City to accomplish.
Come to the Table

If you have questions about how to provide us with your input online or if something is not working the way it should, please contact:

Nikola Pavelic, Community Engagement Coordinator


Transportation (click image)

Share your thoughts regarding Transportation by clicking here.

Housing (click image)


Share your thoughts regarding Housing by clicking here.

Health (click image)

Share your thoughts regarding Health by clicking here.

Economic Development (click image)

Share your thoughts regarding Economic Development by clicking here.

Human Services (click image)


Share your thoughts regarding Human Services by clicking here.

Safety (click image)


Share your thoughts regarding Safety by clicking here.

Project timeline
  • April - first week in May: Capture public input through online and in-person meetings (click here to see where in-person meetings will be held) 
  • May - June: Analyze all public input and present to staff, City Manager, and City Council
  • August - September: Prepare a report for City Council and public which shows what was heard and how the input was used.

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