Skate Park

The City of Dubuque recently awarded a contract for the skate park evaluation and concept design to Pillar Design Studios of Chicago. In addition to gathering public input and developing the concept and design for a new skate park, the firm will evaluate and make recommendations for the current skate parks operated by the City.

The City’s goal for a new skate park is to draw and engage local users to a facility that will challenge beginners to experienced users at a facility that provides street and park style elements, obstacles, and terrain as determined by community engagement and City staff. No predeterminations have been made whether the facility will be concrete, metal, or other materials or whether it should be a skate park, skate plaza, skate spot or other configuration. This will be determined through the evaluation and design process.

The City has committed $600,000 to the completion of the project and has also challenged a local parent and skate park user group to raise an additional $200,000, which would give the project a total budget of $800,000.

For more information, contact the City of Dubuque Leisure Services Department at 563-589-4263 or check out the Dubuque Skatepark Facebook page by clicking here.

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