This webpage contains video or photographs and/or still images from video cameras of individuals that the Dubuque Police Department is attempting to identify as part of a police investigation.  Not all individuals should be considered as suspects in a criminal investigation.  All those who are pictured are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.  Every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of information posted on this web site.  However, the City of Dubuque cannot and does not guarantee the accuracy or timeliness of the content.  Names and images may be similar or identical to other individuals.  For the latest case status contact the Dubuque Police Department.

Can you help identify any of these individuals?

Please contact the Dubuque Police Department if you are able to identify any of the individuals below.  Although a full, legal name is preferred, please provide any partial identification information such as a first name only, a last name only, or even a nickname.  Please provide any additional information that may help identify an individual, such as a place of employment or where the person lives.  You may provide information anonymously.  When you provide information, please include the listed report number.

How to Provide Information

You may provide identification information by any of the following methods: 

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  • Call Dubuque's Emergency Communications Center (police dispatch), 563-589-4415
  • Call Dubuque & Jo Daviess County Crime Stoppers, 563-588-0714 or toll-free at 800-747-0117

Report: 2018-004763

Date of Occurrence: 06/10/18

Date Added: 08/14/18

Nature: Burglary

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Suspect Vehicle
Suspect 1 B
Suspect 2 B
Suspect 2
Suspect 1

Report: 2018-005561

Date of Occurrence: 07/05/18

Date Added: 07/19/18

Nature: Theft

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Report: 2018-005148

Date of Occurrence: 06/20/18

Date Added: 07/16/18

Nature: Theft

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Report: 2018-004729

Date of Occurrence: 06/09/18

Date Added: 07/12/18

Nature: Theft

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Report: 2018-004898

Date of Occurrence: 06/14/18

Date Added: 06/27/18

Nature: Theft

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Pic 1
pic 2

Report: 2018-004057

Date of Occurrence: 05/18/18

Date Added: 06/21/18

Nature: Forgery

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Counterfeit Suspects

Report: 2018-000675

Date of Occurrence: 01/22/18

Date Added: 03/08/18


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18-675 Photo 2
18-675 Photo 1


Report 2017-006014

Date of Occurrence: 08/03/2017

Date Added: 08/08/2017

Nature: Theft

Additional Information: Suspect may be associated with a silver coupe (possibly a Mitsubishi) & have ties to Cedar Rapids.

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suspect 3
suspect 2
suspect 1