Intercultural Learning

Intercultural Learning Logo Research indicates that the ability to understand one another across differences in culture, values, and beliefs is learned, and that it is a skill that is becoming increasingly important in order for individuals to meet their potential and groups to meet common goals in schools, workplaces, and neighborhoods.

"Every time I walk into the Multicultural Family Center I reap the rewards of my AmeriCorps experience.  Through my service as a tutor and mentor, I have been able to expand out of my college community and connect with the Dubuque community.  I have come to know Dubuque on a very personal level and have embraced its diversity.  The great part is that these differences do not divide, but rather they unite us.
                          - Loras College Iowa Campus Compact AmeriCorps Member

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The Multicultural Family Center hosts programs and activities for adults, teens, youth, and seniors and focuses on creating unity out of diversity. There are multiple opportunities for volunteers, both teens and adults.

The Presentation Lantern Center is a place of welcoming and hospitality serving primarily immigrant families from around the world.

Inclusive Dubuque is a local initiative focused on strengthening a vibrant and welcoming community.  There are plenty of opportunities to be involved in work that is multicultural and intercultural in nature.