Do I need a new water meter or any additional equipment to participate?
No. Each household and business in Dubuque received a new water meter with the city-wide meter replacement program that ended in 2011. DBQ IQ interfaces with these new meters.

Why is my bill higher?

More water consumption is the primary reason for an increase of your utility bill. Leaks, additional people in your household, change in routine such as students home during breaks from school, additional laundry and dishwasher use, lawn watering and pool fills all have the potential to increase water consumption and your utility bill. In addition, the number of days between meter reads fluctuates from month to month.

I have more than one utility account with the City of Dubuque. Am I able to view all my accounts at once?
Customers with multiple accounts are able access them all at once. Contact Utility Billing 563-589-4144 or utilityb@cityofdubuque.org for more information.

How much water do I use?
Laundry: 20-45 gal per load
Shower: 20-30 gal per shower
Tub Bath: 30-40 gal
Dishwasher: 15-30 gal per load
Toilet: 3-7gal per flush
Drinking Water: 1-2 quarts per day per person
Garbage Disposal: 5 gal per minute of use
Lawn Watering: 3-10 gal per minute

I have a water leak. Does the city offer assistance to repair the leak?
There is a Water Leak Repair Grant available to assist customers with the cost of fixing a water leak. You may be eligible for a 50 % reimbursement of the cost to make repairs, up to $100. Contact Utility Billing 563-589-4144 or utilityb@cityofdubuque.org for more information.

Can I receive notifications if there is unusual water consumption at my residence while I am away?
You are able to set up alarms on your DBQIQ account to notify you if there is water usage while you are gone.