DEPARTMENT:  Fire                                

GENERAL STATEMENT OF DUTIES:  Under supervision, responds to fire alarms, medical emergencies, motor vehicle accidents, hazardous materials incidents, high angle, confined space and river rescues and other emergencies; performs primary patient care under medical protocols or on-line medical control; occasionally drives fire apparatus and emergency medical vehicles; participates in fire prevention, inspections, station maintenance and training activities; performs other duties as required.

DISTINGUISHING FEATURES OF THE CLASS:  The employee in this class is responsible for performing hazardous tasks under emergency conditions.  The work in this class demands heavy physical labor for periods of varying duration under hazardous conditions and in all weather conditions.  This includes but is not limited to climbing aerial ladders, working in confined areas and in smoke/filled limited visibility environments.  This includes the wearing of self-contained breathing apparatus and working in a fully encapsulated hazardous materials suit.  In addition, technical rescue requires the ability to work while suspended from ropes while wearing a full body harness and also operating in an ice/water rescue environment. The work requires adherence to departmental rules and regulations.  Supervisors make assignments of specific tasks and indicate methods and procedures to be followed.  Assignments may be made through either oral or written instructions.  The work is closely inspected in process and upon completion.


ESSENTIAL:  Responds to alarms and assists in the suppression of fires, including rescue, entry, ventilating and salvage work; adheres to scene safety standards; operates equipment and assists in the suppression of fires and in the protection of life and property; participates in overhaul of fire scenes (post extinguishment), performs clean-up and helps prepare equipment and vehicles for further alarms; responds as a member of a two person

ambulance team performing patient care, emergency driving, documentation and clean up of ambulance vehicles; operates and troubleshoots life support equipment; assists in maintaining the readiness of the ambulance fleet and equipment; assists in maintaining fire apparatus, ambulances and equipment, fire stations and grounds; participates in continuing training and instruction programs by individual study of technical matter and attendance at scheduled drills and classes; performs fire prevention inspections and rental housing inspections; acts as a paramedic responder to emergency medical and accident calls; responds to major alarms while off duty when required; through certified continuing education programs maintains State of Iowa certification as an EMT-paramedic specialist.




ESSENTIAL:  Ability to read and understand department policies, rules and regulations and fire codes; ability to analyze situations and adopt a quick and effective reasonable course of action giving due regard to the surrounding hazards and circumstances of each situation; ability to write clear and accurate reports; physical agility; ability to understand and follow oral and written directions; ability to learn technical fire fighting principles and techniques and principles of hydraulics applied to fire suppression; ability to maintain certification as a State of Iowa EMT-paramedic specialist; ability to operate and manipulate fire apparatus; ability to establish and maintain cooperative relationships with employees and the general public; ability to function under extreme physical and mental stress; ability to perform heavy physical labor and maintain a high degree of physical fitness; demonstrated ability to follow a management style that is input oriented and values problem solving and the development of partnerships; demonstrated ability to work effectively as a member of a team; desire to be part of an organization that values service, people, integrity, responsibility, innovation and teamwork.

ACCEPTABLE EXPERIENCE AND TRAINING:  Possession of a high school diploma or its equivalent, or any equivalent combination of experience and training which provides the essential knowledge, skills and abilities.

SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS:  Possession of or the ability to obtain and maintain a valid Iowa Class "D" Chauffeur's license.  Possession of a current State of Iowa EMT-Paramedic specialist certification at the time of appointment.