How to Ride the Bus

How to Ride the Bus
1. Show up early.  You may want arrive at the bus stop 5-10 minutes early (bus scheduled pickups don’t always arrive at the exact time).

2. Wave to let the driver know you are waiting. It’s also courteous to wave at the bus driver so he/she is aware you are waiting to board.

3. Wait for the bus to fully stop before you approach.

4. Have exact fares ready. Exact fare is required. Operators do not carry change.

5. Tell the driver your destination and let him/her know whether or not you need to transfer to another bus.

6. When approaching your stop, pull the cord ½ block before your desired destination to notify the driver that you would like to exit the bus.

7. Wait behind the line until the bus comes to a complete stop.

8. Never cross the street in front of the bus. Wait to cross until after the bus has pulled away.

The Jule provides a basic overview of these steps, bus etiquette, and the Rack & Ride program in its "Learn to Ride" video.