Current Service Opportunities

A variety of City of Dubuque partners have service opportunities available on an ongoing basis.  Learn more about these opportunities through the links below.

AmeriCorps Partners in Learning:
AmeriCorps members work in a variety of settings with students in the K-12 school system.  For information on becoming an AmeriCorps Member, click here: 

City of Dubuque Boards and Commissions:
If you have a passion for working with local government on a variety of community issues, consider joining a City Board or Commission.  For information on the variety of opportunities available, click here: 

Circles Initiative:
The Circles Initiative works with community members interested in supporting other community members who are making the journey out of poverty.  To learn more, click here: 

Dubuque Community School District:
The Dubuque Community School District has a variety of volunteering and mentoring opportunities available through the schools.  For more information, click here: 

DuRide offers safe and personalized transportation for seniors who are no longer able or interested in driving.  For more information on becoming a driver, click here:

Multicultural Family Center:
The Multicultural Family Center hosts programs and activities for adults, teens, youth, and seniors and focuses on creating community out of diversity. There are different opportunities for volunteers (both teens and adults) to become mentors and tutors. To find out more information about the center, click here:

Neighborhood Associations:
Dubuque has community volunteers who organize neighborhood associations in various geographic locations in the community.  To learn more about current associations or to learn about starting an associaion in your neighborhood, click here: