Smarter Travel Pilot Study

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Dubuque’s Smarter Travel Pilot Study used a smartphone application developed by IBM Research and RFID technolgoy to collect anonymous data on how, when and where volunteer participants travel within the community. The anonymous, aggregate data collected is being analyzed by IBM and the findings used by the City of Dubuque and its transit partners to implement practices and policies that incorporate lower-cost and lower-impact travel options within Dubuque.

Like other Smarter Sustainable Dubuque projects, this research was designed to give residents the information they need to do what they want (reduce costs, save resources, and decrease their environmental impact). The goal of the research was to identify options for all Dubuque commuters to save money, conserve resources, and improve the environment through better travel choices.

Possible outcomes include:
  • reduced travel times,
  • increased fuel efficiency,
  • increased traffic safety,
  • reduced vehicle miles traveled (VMT), and
  • reduced carbon monoxide emissions.
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The City of Dubuque, along with national and local partners,collaborated with IBM on its City-In-Motion project to conduct the Smarter Travel pilot study.

The Smarter Travel Pilot Study is a project of Smarter Sustainable Dubuque, the City’s partnership with IBM Research and a component of the Sustainable Dubuque initiative and is being conducted by the City of Dubuque, IBM Research, The Jule,  and East Central Intergovernmental Association.

This project is funded in part by a grants through the Climate Showcase Communities Program and the Iowa Department of Transportation's Iowa Clean Air Attainment Program.

Pilot Study Results
The data collection phase of the Smarter Travel Pilot Study was completed in late 2012. Results of the pilot study will be posted following data analysis. Initial findings are already being used to develop more efficient public transit routes within Dubuque.