Passenger Code of Conduct

The Jule's Passenger Code of Conduct was developed to help ensure a safe work environment for all drivers and a safe ride for passengers. Passengers are expected to follow the rules below. Depending on the severity of the infraction, failure to do so could result in immediate removal from the bus or suspension from public transit services.
  1. The driver is the authority on the bus. Passengers must comply with all instructions given by the Jule bus drivers.
  2. A valid ticket, pass, transfer or cash payment is required. Drivers do not make change.
  3. Priority seating is provided by the door for seniors & people with disabilities.
  4. Threatening or intimidating behavior towards riders or operators is prohibited.
  5. Excessive noise & offensive words are not allowed. Speak at a reasonable volume so individual conversations do not disrupt other riders.
  6. Personal items, including strollers may not block the aisle/doorway. Keep your hands & other objects to yourself, under your control & inside the bus.
  7. Except for service animals, all animals must be kept in a closed carrier while on the bus.
  8. Eating or drinking on the bus is not allowed. Food or drink transported on the bus must be in a sealed container.
  9. Smoking is prohibited on buses & in or near bus shelters.
  10. The Jule is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged items.
  11. The following items are prohibited on buses/in shelters: explosive devices, knives, weapons, drugs or other controlled substances, laser pointers, matches, lighters & objects that jeopardize the safety of passengers.
  12. Children under 5 must be accompanied by a responsible adult & removed from strollers/carriers & held by guardian or placed in a bus seat.
If you or someone you travel with has a disability and needs a reasonable accommodation to these policies, please contact The Jule office before riding.