Washington Neighborhood Programs

The Washington Neighborhood is one of Dubuque's oldest and most diverse neighbrohoods, covers 55 square blocks, and is home to 1,900 residents. A majority of the properties within the neighborhood were built prior to 1939; many of the buildings date to the 1880's and 1890's.

This historic neighborhood has been a major focus for reinvestment efforts by the City of Dubuque since 2005. Its historic architecture, central location, and wide range of housing stock provide key assets to build upon.
The Housing and Community Development Department operates two programs for home owners and buyers in the Washington Neighborhood:
Homeowner Purchase Program There are great incentives to living in the Washington Neighborhood.  Properties are within walking distance of work, grocery stores, pharmacies, shopping, businesses, banks/credit unions, churches and restaurants. Several City and Federal financial incentives are also available for home purchases.
Homeowner Rehabilitation Program  The City of Dubuque offers 0% and forgivable loans for home rehabilitation in the Washington Neighborhood.         
Eligibility Guidelines

Many of the programs and services that we offer have income requirements that must be met in compliance with the grant that the funding is available through. 

 FY 2015 Income Limits Summary for Dubuque, IA as set by HUD.
Median Income   Persons in Household  1
 $65,700 30% Income Limits ($)  $13,900
$15,930 $20,090 $24,250 $28,410 $32,570 $36,730 $40,890
50% Income Limits ($)  $23,100
$26,400 $29,700 $33,000 $35,650 $38,300 $40,950 $43,600
80% Income Limits ($)    $37,000
$42,250 $47,550 $52,800 $57,050 $61,250 $65,500 $69,700