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Mediacom Channel Guide

This is the Mediacom Channel Guide as of July 10, 2017.

Mediacom Channel Change

Universal High Definition (UHD), formerly channel 740 in Dubuque, has discontinued its operation.

Mediacom Rate Increases

Mediacom increased the rates for its cable and Internet services in January 2017.  The cable rate increase came in three parts:  1) the Family TV package increased $2.00 per month to $72.58; 2) the Local Broadcast Station Surcharge increased $1.45 per month to $9.04; and 3) the Regional Sports Surcharge increased $0.24 per month to $2.61.

Mediacom also increased its monthly charges for several of its Internet service tiers.  Those details, as well as additional information on the cable service increases, can be found this this letter.

Mediacom Digital Channel Changes

Mediacom has made some changes to its digital channel assignments which will affect subscribers who do not use a Mediacom cable box.  Dubuque's five public, educational, and governmental (PEG) channels have moved to new digital channels.  This letter from Mediacom lists all the new channel assignments.  CityChannel Dubuque is now digital channel 117.2, CityChannel Graphics is 117.3, the public access channel is 117.4, the shared educational channel is 117.5, and the Dubuque Community School District channel is now 117.6.  Subscribers who use a Mediacom cable box will continue to see these channels at their normal locations (for instance, CityChannel Dubuque will remain channel 8 if you have a cable box).  Subscribers who do not use a cable box should auto program their channels to ensure they are getting all the channels.  The owner's manual for your television will tell you how.

At the same time, Mediacom is raising the monthly charge for its digital adapter boxes by a dollar.  A standard definition adapter will be $1.99 per month and a high definition (HD) adapter will be $2.99 per month.